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“Privacy and Publication generally never go together. But this publication is a must for every privacy lover. Meticulous compilation of data privacy laws by the DLA Piper team.”
Raghu Raman Lakshmanan, General Counsel,
HCL America, Inc.
“This compilation does what every brilliant lawyer should do: it makes it easy for clients to understand and apply technical and difficult regulations. Touché to DLA Piper Data Protection Team.”
Dr Katarzyna Lasota Heller, Group Legal Compliance Officer,
“DLA Piper has done a great work as the handbook is incredibly well structured and an extremely valuable for anyone handling data protection issues.”
Desislava Avramova, Senior Legal Counsel EMEA,
Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
“DLA’s handbook is a very helpful tool when looking up and comparing privacy requirements across various countries. And by putting it online they made it available to me anytime and anywhere I need it.”
René Keiser, Senior Counsel,
Mondelēz International
“DLA Piper’s Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook is an extremely useful resource. It enables us to find an answer to complex multi-jurisdictional privacy law questions very quickly.”
Lieven van Parys, European Privacy Counsel,
“I’ve never seen anything like it before in terms of law firm guidance/publications. Fantastic job and an excellent tool! I and my team will certainly use it and I know that it is already being circulated to others within the Volvo Group.”
Alexia Henriksen, VP General Counsel
Volvo Financial Services (EMEA)

New Features

We hope you continue to enjoy this popular client resource, drawing on DLA Piper's global network of offices and trusted local counsel to bring you an analysis of data protection and privacy laws in an unparalleled number of jurisdictions.  


More than ever it is crucial that organizations manage and safeguard personal information and address their risks and legal responsibilities in relation to processing personal data, to address the growing thicket of applicable data protection legislation.

A well-constructed and comprehensive compliance program can solve these competing interests and is an important risk management tool.

This handbook sets out an overview of the key privacy and data protection laws and regulations across nearly 100 different jurisdictions and offers a primer to businesses as they consider this complex and increasingly important area of compliance.

DLA Piper's global data protection and privacy team has the deep experience and international reach to help global businesses develop and implement practical compliance solutions to the myriad data protection laws that apply to global businesses.


Welcome to DLA Piper's Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook. We launched the first edition of the handbook in 2012, and following such a positive response have been updating it annually ever since.

We continue to witness a period of unprecedented activity in the development of data protection regulation around the world which will have a profound impact on the way in which global businesses are required to approach the collection and management of personal information.

These changes are being driven largely by cultural and trade considerations and by a struggle to keep pace with emerging technology and online business methods.

Should you require further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us at dataprivacy@dlapiper.com.

Data Privacy Scorebox

You may also be interested in our Data Privacy Scorebox, a tool to help you assess your data protection strategy. It requires completing a survey covering 12 areas of data privacy, such as storage of data, use of data, and customers' rights. Once completed, a report summarizing your organization's alignment with key global principles of data protection is produced. The report includes a visual summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your data protection strategy, a practical action point checklist, as well as peer benchmarking data.

To access the Scorebox, please visit www.dlapiper.com/dataprotection.


We are pleased to introduce CyberTrak, an innovative online cybersecurity tool featuring information on cybersecurity-related mandates in 23 key markets around the world. CyberTrak is the inaugural product of Blue Edge LabSM*.

CyberTrak provides multinational companies instant online access to critical information about cybersecurity-related laws, regulations and generally accepted standards in 23 key markets in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and in four highly regulated sectors in the US. It also provides brief summaries of requirements, as well as an assessment on enforcement risk and the degree of activity triggering the requirement.

Cybersecurity laws and regulations are evolving rapidly around the world. Companies battling ever more sophisticated cyberattacks face mounting compliance costs and higher risks if they do not keep up with new requirements in all markets where they operate.

CyberTrak is designed to help GCs, CIOs, CISOs, risk officers and legal, technology, IT and procurement departments of multinational companies make better, faster risk management decisions and reduce the costs associated with keeping up with these changing regulatory requirements.

CyberTrak content will be regularly updated three times per year by a global group of more than 50 carefully selected contributors in key jurisdictions (many of them contributors to Data Protection Laws of the World), along with interim updates when major changes occur.

Understanding cybersecurity mandates on a global scale is critical to any multinational company that collects and retains customer data, trade secrets, and other confidential data or operates in a critical infrastructure sector, such as energy, financial services, healthcare and defense/government contractors.

Company-wide CyberTrak access is offered on an annual subscription basis. To register for a free trial or to learn more about CyberTrak, please visit www.BlueEdgeLab.com.

*Blue Edge Lab, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of DLA Piper LLP (US). Blue Edge Lab is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.


We are proud to present a dedicated site offering DLA Piper's insight into the General Data Protection Regulation, the once-in-a-generation change in EU data protection laws.

Data Protection Blog

If you find this Handbook useful, you may also be interested in DLA Piper's Data Protection, Privacy and Security group's Privacy Matters Blog − a blog featuring regular data protection, privacy and security legal updates to help you remain aware of the most important legal and regulatory developments.

We have over 130 experienced privacy and security lawyers across the globe who are close to the regulations in each of their respective jurisdictions and who regularly post summary articles on their local issues.

To access the blog, please visit http://blogs.dlapiper.com/privacymatters/.

To ensure you receive an automatic email when a new article is posted, please enter your details in the 'subscribe' section found on the blog’s right‑hand sidebar.


This handbook is not a substitute for legal advice. Nor does it cover all aspects of the legal regimes surveyed, such as specific sectorial requirements. Enforcement climates and legal requirements in this area continue to evolve. Most fundamentally, knowing high-level principles of law is just one of the components required to shape and to implement a successful global data protection compliance program.

Data Protection and Privacy Group Key Contacts


Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert
Partner & Chair of US Data Protection and Privacy Group
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Jennifer Kashatus
Partner, Data Protection, Privacy and Security
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Europe, Middle East and Africa

Andrew Dyson
Andrew Dyson
Partner & Co-Chair of EMEA Data Protection and Privacy Group
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Prof. Patrick Van Eecke
Prof. Patrick Van Eecke
Partner & Co-Chair of EMEA Data Protection and Privacy Group
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Denise Lebeau-Marianna
Denise Lebeau-Marianna
Partner, Head of Data Protection Practice - EuroPriSe Expert
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Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos
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Richard van Schaik
Richard van Schaik
Partner & Co-Chair of EMEA Data Protection and Privacy Group
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Asia Pacific

Nicholas Boyle
Nicholas Boyle
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Scott Thiel
Scott Thiel
Partner & Co-Chair of Asia-Pac Data Protection and Privacy Group
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Kate Lucente
Kate Lucente
Partner and Co-Editor, Data Protection Laws of World Handbook
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James Clark
James Clark
Associate and Co-Editor, Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook
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