Data Privacy Scorebox

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Data protection has become a major issue for legislators, regulators and consumers worldwide that organisations can no longer afford to ignore.

Our Data Privacy Scorebox helps you to assess your organisation's level of data protection maturity. It requires completing a survey covering areas such as storage of data, use of data, and customers' rights. Once completed, a report summarising your organisation's alignment with 12 key areas of global data protection is produced. The report also includes a practical action point check list and peer benchmarking data.


Know where you stand

Data protection compliance is not easy. Organisations not only need to take into account a myriad of regional, national and sector specific privacy laws, but also the ample regulations, opinions and guidelines issued by regulators. However, these laws and regulations are generally based on the same key principles. Knowing how well your organisation is aligned with each of these basic principles allow you to focus your energy and resources where they are needed, and develop an appropriate compliance programme.


Fill out a simple form

Get started by filling out a short online questionnaire. It is expected to take no more than half an hour to complete, with responses being given by selecting from a range of multiple choice answers. Each answer has a weighting which is used to produce a score for each of the 12 areas of data privacy.


Download an instant report

Immediately after having filled out the form you will be provided with an automatically generated report that indicates your global score and provides you with a detailed score on several data protection topics. The report also lists some practical action points you can follow right away.


Compare yourself to peers

We recognise that every organisation deals with data protection compliance differently. Some organisations simply want to do what is needed to comply with the law. Other organisations put data protection compliance on the top of their priority list and leverage their approach to privacy and data protection as a key competitive advantage. Our tool enables you to compare your organisation's scores with the average scores of your peers (based on sector, size and reach).